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Premium Grass-fed and Finished Beef

Our premium beef is truly good from soil to soul. You can see and taste the quality of beef that the lush southern Colorado pastures of our cooperative of ranches produce.

Our process for bringing you premium grass-fed and finished beef!


Our cooperative of ranchers raise our premium black angus and bison on lush mountain valley pastures in southern Colorado.


Our meat is USDA Certified, dry-aged to achieve ultimate tenderness and flavor maturity, then vacuum sealed for freshness.


We trailer our flash-frozen, vacuum sealed beef in our freezer trailers from Colorado to Dripping Springs, TX. Here we box, organize, then schedule for pickup and delivery from our farm.


You eat premium beef that's been organically raised, humanely processed and packed with care. Oh, and did we mention that our meat tastes better because of the mountain grasses they graze!

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