What's with the grass?

What's with the grass?


When it comes to beef, not all meat is created equal. There is something truly special about the taste and quality of beef that comes from high mountain pastures. If you've ever had the pleasure of savoring a juicy steak or a tender roast from these pastures, you know exactly what we're talking about. But what makes this beef so exceptional? Let's dive into the reasons why beef from high mountain pastures tastes better.

1. Natural Diet

One of the key factors that contribute to the superior taste of beef from high mountain pastures is the natural diet of the cattle. These animals graze on a variety of wild grasses, herbs, and flowers, which results in a more diverse and flavorful meat. The rich and diverse diet of the cattle translates into a complex and robust taste that is simply unmatched.

2. Clean Air and Water

High mountain pastures are known for their pristine environment, with clean air and fresh water sources. Cattle raised in such an environment are healthier and happier, which directly impacts the taste of their meat. The clean air and water contribute to the overall quality and purity of the beef, resulting in a more natural and delicious flavor.

3. Exercise and Stress-Free Environment

Cattle raised in high mountain pastures have plenty of space to roam and graze, allowing them to get regular exercise. This exercise leads to the development of leaner and more flavorful meat. Additionally, these animals are free from the stress often associated with confined feeding operations. A stress-free environment further enhances the tenderness and taste of the beef.

4. Higher Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Research has shown that beef from animals raised in high mountain pastures tends to have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are known for their numerous health benefits, including reducing inflammation and improving heart health. Not only does beef from high mountain pastures taste better, but it also provides added nutritional value.

5. Unique Terroir

Similar to wine, beef can also have a unique terroir. The combination of altitude, climate, soil, and vegetation in high mountain pastures creates a distinct flavor profile in the beef. This unique terroir adds depth and character to the meat, making it a truly exceptional culinary experience.

So, the next time you're looking for a truly remarkable beef experience, get some truly good beef from Bonavére Meat Co. The natural diet, clean environment, exercise, and unique terroir all contribute to the superior taste and quality of our beef. Not only will you be indulging in a delicious meal, but you'll also be supporting sustainable and ethical farming practices, as well as those in need. Enjoy the incredible flavors that only beef from high mountain pastures can offer!


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